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    At Grindstone Charley’s, we share the same down-to-earth values as our customers. We know the pleasure of a square meal. And the importance of a square deal. Our roots reach deep into the fertile soil of America’s heartland. We’re part of Clancy’s. Inc., a family-owned and operated business that’s extended genuine hospitality to friends and neighbors ever since 1965.

    1965. The year the Palm Sunday tornadoes tore across six Midwestern states. And race car driver Jim Clark won both the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One world championship. The year the first American combat troops arrived in South Vietnam. And President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act. Theyear Carl Fogelsong opened the first Clancy’s Restaurant in Noblesville, Indiana.


    While a new music group called the Beatles stormed to the top of the pop music charts nationwide, Clancy’s restaurant emerged as the local fast-food favorite in Noblesville with quality burgers, drinks and the best fries in town.

    clancysA year later, Gale Fogelsong joined his brother Carl in opening the second Clancy’s restaurant in Sidney, Ohio. The brothers built their business into a 27-unit regional chain serving customers in small towns across four Midwestern states. Over time, national fast-food chains with big advertising budgets and buying power muscled into the marketplace, edging out family-run businesses like Clancy’s.

    In 1982, as Hoosier native John Mellencamp scored a pop music hit with “Jack and Dianne,” the Fogelsong brothers shifted gears. Carl’s son Perry joined his father and uncle in the business. The three men scored a hit of their own with the first Grindstone Charley’s restaurant. It opened in Noblesville, Indiana to rave reviews.

    Today, customers in Indiana and Ohio enjoy home-style cooking, spirited drinks and warm hospitality at four Grindstone Charley’s locations. As part of the Clancy’s, Inc. family of stores, Grindstone’s joins Michelangelo’s Bistro, Clancy’s Hamburgers and franchises of Ponderosa in offering quality food, drinks and fun perfectly suited to Midwestern appetites.

    In December 2006, Carl Fogelsong, Clancy’s Founder, and member of the Indiana Restaurant Hall of Fame, passed away, after a lengthy battle with cancer.  He is truly missed, by his family, friends, and co-workers.

    The food and recipes in your Grindstone Charley’s Restaurant have come from many generations of experience. The decor reflects the past and more specifically the past of your community. More than anything, Grindstone Charley’s takes great pleasure in your satisfaction. Just as Charley realized, the best part of the business is our guests!

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