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Clancy’s, Inc. is committed to hiring and retaining well-qualified individuals. We have been offering exceptional hospitality to the communities our restaurants are in ever since 1965. Over the years we have deleloped multiple restaurant concepts in multiple cities. We recognize that the single greatest investment we make is the one we make in our people, and we are proud of the significant number that stay with us year after year.

Employee Benefits



We reward employee contributions in may ways, including competitive compensation, reviews, career opportunities and training.

Vacation Pay

Start earning vacation pay right away! Full-time employees receive 1 week after one year and 2 weeks after two years.

Food Discounts

Receive your meal at 50% discount price on your shift. Bring your family in and recieve 20% off at any Clancy’s Inc. Restaurant!


We do our best to accomodate your schedule! Our manangment teams will work with you so you can balance life and work!

Employee Recognition

Look forward to being rewarded on your employee anniversary. We love our employees!

401K & Insurance

Clancy’s Inc. offers 401K Participation and paid insurance to all the salary management team members.


If you are ready to be considered for employment with Clancys Inc., then simply click on the link below to get the process started.

A few things that we would ask of you:

  • Please be thorough as you complete the info & answer the questions
  • Make sure to scroll down through each page to see all sections

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